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A country code, also known as ccTLDs (Country Code Top-Level domains) are best ways to connect with your customers from a particular country, sovereign state, or a dependent territory. They are the most popular domain names for the businesses of all sizes and segments.


.in for India for UK

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Generic, also known as gTLDs(Generic top-level domains) are best ways to mark your brand in the market. They build interest and awareness of your brand in the market. Enjoy the highest exposure by registering your business-related domain along with your country domain.


.edu for educational institutes
.cake for cake shop

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Global domains, also known as TLDs (Top Level Domains) are the best ways to target the global market. To make it more effective, many businesses or individuals register a Country domain and Global domain together. Interconnect your world by dissolving all the barriers.


.com for commercial
.org for organization

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Domain Names – Register, Renew & Transfer!

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TLD Minimum Years Register Transfer Renew
.com 1 Rs 850/yr Rs 850 Rs 850/yr
.shop 1 Rs 450/yr Rs 2,400 Rs 2,400/yr
.net 1 Rs 1,200/yr Rs 1,200 Rs .1,200/yr
.org 1 Rs 1,200/yr Rs 1,200 Rs 1,200/yr
.biz 1 Rs 1,500/yr Rs 1,500 Rs 1,500/yr
.info 1 Rs 1,500/yr Rs 1,500 Rs 1,500/yr
.co 1 Rs 2,450/yr Rs 2,450 Rs 2,450/yr
.asia 1 Rs 1,250 /yr Rs 1,250 Rs 1,250 /yr
.in 1 Rs 600 /yr Rs 600 Rs 600 /yr

How Do You Manage Your Domain Name?

Manage all your domain names, renewals, billing and services in one place. Through our friendly Domain Manager which is included with every domain. With a simple "one click" setup feature you can connect your domain instantly to Web Hosting, Email Hosting or any services, without any tech knowledge. The Domain Manager comes complete with quick bulk update tools and domain folders allowing you to group and organise your domain portfolio easily.

Perks of Owning a Domain

Represent your business

Clients will definitely check out your website before reaching to you, and your website representation starts right from its domain name.

Get easily visible

A clean and easy domain name attracts many visitors. Also, it is easy to remember the next time when you visitor wants to recall it.

Get better exposure on search engines.

A domain name that relates to your business or organization, improves your website ranking on search engine pages.

Establishes your brand identity

Domain name should tell your audience about your business. A simple domain name is easy to identify and remember that increases the impact of your business on people. This helps in increasing your business identity and eventually you create a brand out of your business.

A domain name can safeguard your business

Domain squatting and hi-jacking is a common practice carried out by hackers on your online business. Protect it today, from such fraudulent and safeguard your business by providing a shield of copyright and trademark protection with BedreHosting.

Send professional emails

Make your online conversation more effective by using the professional email that represents your business. Instead of using generic emails from Gmail, Yahoo or other providers, it is always better to use your own domain name.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a domain name?

    Domain name is like an address of your online business. Once the domain name is set to your server space, your website gets visible on the internet. When anyone puts the domain name in the address bar, it will redirect them to the website with the same domain name.

  • Can I use hyphens and numbers in my domain name?

    Hyphens and Numbers can jumble your customers and hence, you need to avoid its use as far as possible. Like, if your juice bar name is 'Juice For All' then avoid using 'juice4all' domain name. It may confuse your audience making them think that you serve 4 types of juice to everyone.

  • Does my domain name choice affect SEO?

    Yes, it does affect but not at a large level. Having a targeted keyword in your domain name is a good sign of having an effective domain name.