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Best Solution For Inbound Spam and Viruses!

For Shared Web hosts

Domain names provide a clean, user-friendly and convenient option to access your website. A simple descriptive website is easy to remember!

For MSPs, Enterprises, Resellers & Distributors

Register a keyword rich domain name and get an instant boost to your SEO efforts!

For ISPs / Telcos & Public Organizations is a far more impressive approach towards your email communications.

Start Your Online Journey

Starting at just Rs 40/mo

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SpamExperts Incoming SPAM Filtering

  • Inbound Filtering

  • Web Management

  • 99% Filtering Accuracy

  • 99.95% Email Server Uptime

  • 24x7 Monitoring

  • Spam Quarantine

  • Attachment Restrictions

  • Email Size Restriction

  • Whitelist / Blacklist

  • Log Search

  • Filter Settings

  • WHM Plugin

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Why choose SpamExperts Filtering?


Get Backups of Your Emails

The loss of emails with business information is something tragic and should be avoided. Introduce email archiving, an essential tool for preserving and backing up, keeping you in compliance with legal requirements!


Reduce Costs

Protect your network with our highly competitive joint licenses, at a fraction of the competitive price. Take advantage of the Lowest Price Guarantee compared to other professional email security solutions with the same level of quality.


Full and Simple Control

Get complete control and is easy to use. With SpamExperts and BedreHosting you get simple, fast and convenient management. With our exclusive dashboard, in just a few clicks you have control over your entire email history.


Quick Setup

If you are already a BedreHosting customer, rest assured that all configurations are done on your account! Just hire and wait for everything to be set up.


Easy to Use

Adding your domain to the destination mail server and a simple change to the MX records can be fully automated. And you do not have to do anything else!


Supported Mail Servers

SpamExperts is fully independent and supports any SMTP-compliant email server (Exchange mail filtering, Zimbra mail, Exim, Qmail, Lotus, and others).


Efficiency of Filtration

The unrivaled knowledge of SpamExperts is the direct result of processing millions of emails every second of the day.


Integration and Automation

SpamExperts provides built-in add-ons that integrate fully into Receiving Filtering. The add-ons include main control panels .


Support and Full Updates

SpamExperts Incoming Filter is fully managed, maintained, monitored and is kept up-to-date by the team of SpamExperts .

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SpamExperts?

    SpamExperts offers professional email security solutions such as incoming and outgoing email filtering as well as email archiving solutions. They're one of the most precise spam filtering solutions in the market. With the use of multiple filtering technologies such as advanced IP-reputation systems, a large number of message content classifiers manage to deliver nearly 100% filtering accuracy.

  • What's the difference between SpamExperts and SpamAssassin?

    SpamExperts offers way more accurate email-filtering, it's using multiple technologies to decide if something should be marked as spam or not, where SpamAssassin, in general, are simpler and uses simpler methods to detect possible spam. SpamAssassin is also directly installed on your server and this can consume a lot of server resources which is not the case with SpamExperts and more importantly it isn't updated in real-time like SpamExperts.